Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I still remember .... the day I picked you up. While your siblings were busy feeding from your mother, you were jumping around saying hi and wanting to play with me instead. You were the ugliest, smallest, skinniest one compared to your chubby and well fed siblings. You were energetic, independent and curious, that's why I picked you.

I still remember ... you were the size of my hand on that first day. You came home with me on a public, non air-conditioned bus. But, you couldn't careless and just snoozed off in my hands.

I still remember .... your first meal. As it was too late when we came home that night and we didn't have anything, we fed you a coffee flavored milk ... you drank it without complaining and .. had diarrhea the very next morning.

I still remember .... the first night in the apartment. You cried and refused to go to sleep until I gave in and went down to sleep next to you on the floor. You tucked in between my chest and my arms and went right to sleep as soon as I was there with you.

I still remember .... you stayed up with me in all odd hours while I was studying for my college exams and wouldn't go to sleep until I did.

I still remember .... you competed with me on weekends to see who could sleep in longer where you wouldn't wake up until I did so first.

I still remember .... that your favorite meal was a fried chicken when you would thoroughly eat all including the bones.

I still remember .... you, running down the steps to greet me when I came home. You were like a fur ball bouncing up and down where I could barely see your eyes.

I still remember .... that you are the only dog I know with a severe case of "Separation Anxiety" syndrome and how much you hated being alone.

I still remember .... the first day you set paws in America how curious you were with the sudden change of temperature from hot to cool and the changes in your surroundings. It's funny how you adjusted in no time and just ran with it.

I still remember .... the day you got hit by a car in Manhattan, how much I sheded my tears and what you looked like after a surgery to repair your broken leg.

I still remember .... how you didn't quite know how to play with other dogs at the so called "dog hill" in Central Park. You were always more comfortable among human than dogs...

I still remember .... how you had no fear hopping in and out of a Subway or strolling around any city sidewalks.

I still remember .... you, dreaming wildly in your sleep... the sounds you made and your reactions were so amusing.

I still remember .... the time you licked my face profusely trying to find out what's wrong with me when I was very sick and had to go to an emergency room.

I still remember .... how you always took control and commanded other dogs whether it's a 90 plus pounds Bernese Mountain Dog or a less-than-ten pounds Chihuahua every where we go befitting your given name "Bossy".


It didn't matter where we went together, Bangkok,
Trang, Narita, Portland, Phrae, Harrisburg, Manhattan, Queens, New Jersey, Rehoboth or Lewisburg. You were always a confident and self-assured dog, as long as we had each other. You were always by my side. You never complained except when you were left alone. It's amazing how we understood each other by just looking in each other's eyes.

That's how I knew...on Sunday that you told me you were ready to go.....I knew you were as sad to say goodbye as much I was. Thank you for all the good years we had together. I miss you... I miss you... But at least I know that you left in peace. And now, I am sure you are in dogs' heaven running around commanding other dogs there. Go Bossy go...

I'll see you again soon.....and..

I will ... always remember


12.19.1990 - 5.19.2008