Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 3: Leave No Trace

11/15/10 - Leave No Trace. "What a cool name?!?!" I thought to myself when I discovered their website. The third installment of my 13 Days to Thanksgiving covers our social responsibility to our environment. Love the world we are living in. Let's all be responsible and take care of our mother earth. Leave No Trace is a great organization aiming to educate us how to live and enjoy the outdoors with the least amount or no impact at all.

The website is well designed with abundant of educational articles and programs that we can all learn from. Hey kids! How about a Bigfoot Challenge?

We could all use outdoor activities at some point or another. Overnight trip in the Grand Canyon? We week long adventure in Yellowstone? Or how about a stroll along the beach watching the sunset with that someone? Did you ever wonder what kind of impact you left behind? Challenge yourself to be 'untraceable' and leave the beautiful world ... as is.

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