Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 5: Power Up Gambia

I struggled for words...... For about two minutes, my mind was full of sadness and negative thoughts. The thoughts that babies are not given a fair chance to survive and come to this world because the hospital does not have electricity to operate horrified me.

Then, I am reminded again by the hard work and forever optimistic of one of my uncles who has been all over the world in different conditions surgically saving lives one child at a time. I am uplifted again.

It's true that doctors and nurses can still operate many procedures on patients without equipments requiring electricity. But, the chances for those patients and babies are very limited. What if you have to have an emergency procedure to deliver your baby at 2AM and there's no electricity?

This is a story about what 'one' person can do to make a different. Kathryn Cunningham Hall saw it and made it her mission to make a difference. So, please join me on my fifth day of 13 Days to Thanksgiving to be thankful for the wealth of basic amenities we have in this amazing country. Check out the quick video below and her Power Up Gambia project.

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